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Enforcement Agents

Hennessey Litigation Support & Research has a wealth of experience in debt related matters and as Certificated Enforcement Agents (Formerly Certificated Bailiffs) we are empowered to act under a number of differing circumstances. As a company, we focus our endeavour on providing quality services for commercial Landlords who are experiencing tenancy problems.

Instructing our Certificated Enforcement Agents (Formerly Certificated Bailiffs) in respect of outstanding commercial rent negates the need to obtain a Court Order and provides a cost effective solution to the Landlord. We have the authority to impound a Tenant´s goods in order to cover the cost of rent arrears. This is a sensitive area and one which should be handled carefully by professionals who have the necessary experience and expertise.

If this avenue is deemed impractical, our staff can effect peaceful possession of the subject premises. The majority of commercial rent agreements include the provision to allow “Forfeiture of the Lease” and Hennessey Litigation Support & Research will deal with everything from changing the locks to posting the requisite legal notices. This ensures that the Landlord's rights are enforced swiftly and professionally.