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Status Enquiries

If you are considering taking legal action against a company or an individual, consult with Hennessey Litigation Support & Research first. We offer an in-depth exploration service which will establish if the subject of enquiry has sufficient assets to satisfy any court claim prior to incurring legal costs.

A status, or “life style” report, may also be used as part of a due diligence enquiry before entering into a business transaction with an as yet unknown party. These reports can reveal alternative property proprietorships, additional business interests & CCJ or insolvency related information.

Company searches can provide many particulars including account information, CCJ´s and the details of company officers.

In some instances we find it beneficial to make a professional approach to the relevant individual or business in order to ascertain their intentions. This action can result in a positive response and it always provides an opportunity to further assess a subject´s (or company´s) means or ability to pay.